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* The Walnut used is from the Stock of a Custom Handmade Shotgun *

From time to time we have a small number of knives that have not fully passed our Quality Control Checks and so we have classified these as Factory Clearance, there may only be small reasons why they have not passed our QC checks, such as slight scratches, fit & finish etc, they are all perfectly usable, Handmade from the same quality materials we usually use, but they have not been passed as 100%.

We are offering this small limited number of knives direct to our customers at discounted prices, each knife will be different and selected at random for customer orders.

Each Knife Has;

Classic High Carbon Blade (not stainless).

Nickel Brass Bolster.

Brass Liners.

Blades are less than 3", non-locking.

* Please Note, no two knives will be exactly the same, each knife will have its own characteristics and selected at random.



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