We are the Exclusive Authorised LynchNW EDC Dealer for the UK.

All LynchNW products are designed, sourced, and made in America. It is important to LynchNW to be able to oversee and control every aspect of what goes out the door, and they can best do that by having each and every part made in the Pacific Northwest.

Many of the parts they make and sell are designed to be replacement parts for brands such as Spyderco, Benchmade, ProTech, Emerson, and Zero Tolerance, among others.  Calling them 'replacement parts' instead of 'upgraded parts' is intentional.  These companies make excellent products, and the parts of their knives that LynchNW parts replace are no exception.  OEM Spyderco clips, as an example, are uniformly excellent, both in fit & finish and design.  Because of that they do not consider LynchNW parts to be upgrades.  They are, simply put, alternatives; it is their goal to make them to the standard of quality of the parts they replace.  LynchNW's objective is to design each part with minute attention to detail, make each one to the best quality possible, provide the best customer support they are able, and sell them for a competitive price, should a user be interested in something different for their knife.

Each part is QC'd multiple times before leaving the shop.  LynchNW take pride in sending out the best product they are capable of making.  However, these are handmade parts, so each one will not be 100% identical to the one before it.

All parts are guaranteed for life.  They are designed to be used, and things that are used are susceptible to wear and damage.  Should a part fail, or should you be unhappy with it for any reason LynchNW will replace it, or refund in full.



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